Blasting Agent (Review)

Blasting Agent has at last made its way over to VITA and PS4 so PSN users can see if its worth a purchase.  This is as indie as it comes being created by one man, Tim Hely of Axol Studio, using a 2D retro style and charging a more than reasonable price.
Essentially a 2D platform shooter Blasting Agent will immediately bring to mind the classics of the genre such as Contra. Whilst these kind of games never go too hard on the narrative side of things the story here is barely existent, setting you on a mission to destroy a volcano base and kill anything which gets in your way. It will be largely left up to the gameplay to keep you interested.

There is no tutorial to Blasting Agent, nor is one needed, as from the start of the game it only takes a couple of button presses to get going. Control is very basic with a button to fire and a button to jump, there are other traversal skills but these need to be unlocked through collectables.  Holding the fire button will see your character shoot continuously locking you in the direction of fire, you can’t angle your gun up though and are resolutely stuck shooting on a horizontal plane. Things remain simple throughout and the controls are fine. 

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