Ghost Blade HD (Review)

  Ghost Blade HD has you control one of three busty babes who pilot powerful ships. The controls are surprisingly simple as all you do is soar through stages while avoiding projectiles and unleashing a fury of regular shots, focused shots, and stocked bombs whenever you're in a sticky situation. It's quite simple stuff but just like most shoot 'em ups, it's tough to master. Being able to weave through clouds of enemy bullets requires a lot of skill. Once you begin to master its deceptively simple gameplay, the satisfaction that you feel when you climb the leaderboards makes it all worthwhile. On top of that, the sharp neon visuals and rocking soundtrack add even more gratification to the awesomely old-school gameplay. Overall, Ghost Blade HD is a shmup without many bells and whistles but that's what makes it such an endearing title.

  The three ladies each have unique weaponry which makes experimenting with them a rewarding task. Ghost has a wide regular shot, Rekka fires a wall of projectiles, and Milan has more focused laser blasts. I prefer Milan because she seems to tear through enemies much faster than the other two. Having such a distinct variety of ships definitely adds a lot of value to Ghost Blade HD considering most indie shoot 'em ups don't bother offering more than one ship. More info at

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