Oceanhorn (Review)

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is an isometric action-adventure game that was influenced by the popular The Legend of Zelda series. In Oceanhorn, you take on the role of the unnamed protagonist (commonly referred to by NPCs as “the kid”) and are tasked with slaying Oceanhorn, a mechanical beast that roams the high seas, after your father’s disappearance. To do this, you will need to sail to the various broken islands of Arcadia and gather the three sacred emblems of Earth, Ocean, and Sol, while uncovering the truth about what happened to the kingdom.
Overall, this is a relaxing, non-stressful game that never asks too much of the player. Niether the Gameplay, controls, nor any of the trophies are particularly difficult, but the one most likely to give you trouble is Fish Sticks, as some of the fish are rare or hard to catch. I would suggest that you consult a video walkthrough on youtube. Other than that, there isn't much to look out for, other than exploring each island for treasure. (You may not be able to explore every island thoroughly on your first visit. You will also need upgrades in order to access certain areas.) There's a linear progression to the game, but you can get most of the trophies in any order and none are missable. If you defeat the final boss, don't worry, as you can reload your save and continue playing from where you left off, so you'll never be locked out of a trophy.

As far as glitches/bugs, There have been reports of two types of problems with the game. Some users have reported issues where your saved states could get messed up if you forget to save before exiting the game. To prevent this, make sure you visit an auto-save stone or travel to another island (which forces an auto-save) before quitting. Another users have encountered save file corruption problems. I did not experience either of these problems yet, but you should back up your saves regularly just to be safe.

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