Conga Master (Review)

 Conga Master is a pixel art arcade title that sees you attracting deserted dancers to your own personal party, as you attempt to maintain your mambo momentum all the way back out of the fire escape.
 By invading the personal space of isolated individuals, you can lure them into your Lambeth Walk, thus increasing the length of your line. As your conga grows, it becomes easier to attract other quick steppers, and thus you can chain together new recruits. This delays the end of your dance, and subsequently increases your score.

 In story mode you need to attract a designated quota of dancers before moving on to the next stage, while endless is all about prolonging the party. Stages include everything from a seedy club to a roller disco, each introducing different hazards such as waiters and eager cleaners keen to whip out their mop and bucket without plopping down a health and safety sign.
Multiplayer modes for up to four local players riff on the formula – and popular video games. The only Clickers in The Last Conga, for example, are the metronomes providing the backbone for the game’s sick beats, as you battle against pals to demonstrate your dancing endurance. 
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