The Solus Project (Review)

In the year 2115 it is found that the Earth is at the root of a starred star. It is possible for humankind to evacuate a few thousand people in the year 2149 with the so-called Prolus spaceships to a safe orbit around the planet Pluto. Two years later, the earth is destroyed and the destiny of humanity depends on finding a new, colonized planet. In a final attempt to find a suitable planet, the Solus Project is launched: five shuttles with each other. Near the Gliese-6143-C planet, your shuttle will be destroyed, but miraculously you will survive the emergency landing. Only and without resources, you have a single purpose and that is survival.
Although the story is cliché science fiction, the implementation of the introduction has a strong cinematic character, making you instantly captivated and intrigued. As soon as you leave your shuttle, you want to know what to see and do on Gliese-6143-C. It soon turns out that you are not the first and only form of life on the planet, but you can not put the puzzle pieces in place. Further exploration of the planet lonks.

Gliese-6143-C is a liveable planet, but you have said that too. Temperatures fluctuate between 45 degrees Celsius during the day and -35 degrees Celsius at night. It is a planet of extreme weather conditions. You must drink and eat enough to get enough moisture and calories and you have to sleep occasionally to prevent exhaustion. Fortunately, there is enough potable water to be found and food is also abundant.
Initially, you have to learn how to handle this because everything is still awkward, but soon you will find a routine of finding water and food and always looking at your physical condition with a skewed eye. As you go on research, you will encounter artifacts that increase your resistance. Because your spaceship crashed into pieces on Gliese-6143-C, there are numerous possibilities for exploring these wreckages on the surface - and usually they contain exactly what you need to survive. However, if you do not survive, the game will not penalize you. Your last save will be loaded and you'll just get another chance.
The survival aspect is therefore shifted to the background, because even at the higher level of difficulty, The Solus Project is not a challenging game. But is that a serious shortcoming? As for us, absolutely not. The Solus Project is a game that works best when you're in the dark with headphones to lose yourself in another world. It's a lonely experience and let's just be the point - solo is the Latin word for 'alone'. The Solus Project succeeds in giving you the feeling that you are a pioneer of a strange world that already has a rich history. You will find more evidence that another civilization has been for you, but what kind of civilization? And why is she not there anymore? People fear it unknown and The Solus Project understands that like no other.
When you first get out of your crashed shuttle, you'll immediately find an indispensable device that warns you when to eat and drink. Within the shortest time you will also find another tool that allows to teleport from A to B. You throw a disc and then you can teleport yourself to the place where the disc is located. Bottles can be filled with water, cans are full of food. You can combine some items, and although craft is a feature of The Solus Project, it's never very interesting or difficult.
The game also regularly presents you some simple puzzles to solve if you want to go on, but these are never very complex and do not seem to give your brains a great workout. For example, to open a door, you have to place a number of objects on printed circuit boards, more often than not. If you expect to be able to send in a large number of aliens with a BFG to the afterlife, then you will be bumped off - The Solus Project does not know any action. The crafing is basic, the difficulty is not very high and there is no action. The Solus Project is nevertheless a wonderful game - introvert, modest and an atmosphere that lasts long after you stop playing.

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