Bad Apple Wars (Review)

Idea Factory’s Bad Apple Wars has been an otome novel that I’ve heard about from the fans for quite some time, so I went in with fairly high expectations. What I discovered was a well written story with interesting game mechanics, but sadly the quality varies depending on the route that is played.

Bad Apple Wars begins by introducing the heroine of the game, Rinka, as she hurries to school to meet a sudden and tragic death (I know this might sound like a huge spoiler, but it’s not and I assure you I’ll keep the story explanation to the first 20 minutes of the game). When Rinka awakens, it seems like she has made it to school, but nothing is familiar and she is greeted by an instructor wearing a bunny mask.

Ultimately this is where Rinka and the player’s adventure begins. Over time, Rinka learns that she is now in an inescapable school that select people are sent to after suffering a death. While attending the opening ceremony, Rinka is introduced to not only the faculty, but also a group of people known as the Bad Apples and the Disciplinary Committee or Prefects.

In the world of Bad Apple Wars every student has died, but has the opportunity to reincarnate back to the real world if they follow the school’s rules. However, these rules are tricky and almost take up an entire book.

Furthermore, these rules are meant to remove any personality from an individual and turn them into a robot-like human that exists only to follow the rules and never step out of line. On the other hand, the Bad Apples choose not to follow the rules. Opting instead to break every rule and search for a rumored forbidden apple that could potentially bring them back to life with their personalities intact.

Towards the end of the book there are seven “Unbreakable” rules. Outside of breaking small rules here and there, the Bad Apples strive for a chance to break these rules, but always seem to fail or the opportunity doesn’t present itself. Luckily, Rinka might hold a key to their troubles, but she also has the potential to help of the Prefects.

  Overall, Bad Apple Wars is captivating and creates a world that I wanted to learn more about, along with introducing an interesting group of characters. Furthermore, these scenes are well paced and don’t throw too much information at the player all at once.

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